About the Wolf

I'm Alicia.

I'm an office supply addict.

No really, I am.  Even as a small child, I loved to go to the office supply section of the store and gaze at all of the pens and paper.  I would horde blank spiral bound notebooks and cherish new writing utensils as if they were made of precious metals.  The beginning of the school year was more exciting than my birthday and Christmas combined because my Mom would take me to the beautiful aisle of Office Supplies and allowed me to choose anything I wanted for the up coming school year.  Mechanical pencils, ink pens, reams of blank notebook paper!  I was in heaven.

As an adult I am still under the spell of beautiful papers, pens, pencils, and notebooks.  I buy them because I love the magic of a blank page, the endless possibilities in the click of a pen,  the power in the point of a freshly sharpened pencil.   I can spend hours in an office supply aisle, and even longer in an entire store dedicated to office supplies. My first love is pens and paper, but I have love for just about everything in the store, from paperclips to the rows of office chairs.

My name is Alicia, and I am an office supply addict.