Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pentel EnerGel NV Winners!

Thanks to everyone who commented!! I was surprised so many people came by and took a chance for TWO of these awesome Pentel EnerGel NV pens!

I counted up the comments and plugged them into the Random Number Generator, closed my eyes, and hit the button.

Our first winner is.... (drum roll please....)


She said:

H.D.R., you have won the purple 0.7mm and the black 0.7mm! Congratulations!

And now, our second winner is....


She said:

Mar, in addition to your 0.7mm green pen, you have your choice of 0.7mm in either Red or Blue, as the Purple was already won by H.D.R.

Our next winner is...


She said:

Voluptuary, as the third winner you will receive the 0.5mm Red pen - and once Mar has chosen her second color you will receive either the 0.7mm in either Blue or Red.

And finally, our last winner winner chicken dinner:


She said:

Andrea, you win the Blue and Black 0.5mm needle point pens!

Congratulations to the winners!! I hope you enjoy your new pens as much as I did in reviewing them. Please email me your mailing address at severuslupusATgmailDOTcom and I will send those out to you ASAP!

Thank you to everyone else who participated! Stay tuned, because I have one more review from the Big Box O' Pen Love for the Pentel PEN-Fessionals Team.

Big thanks to Pentel of America for the awesome pens!


  1. WOO!! Looks like you'll be getting a letter! ;)
    I'll take red, please! It'll be like Christmas! heh

  2. oooo, awesome, omg! lol, you don't understand--i never win anything. i can't wait to write my line with the new pens, thank you so much!!

  3. Thank you so much!